Hello and welcome! I am Dr. Tingneyuc Sekac—a dedicated researcher, versatile projects consultant, and esteemed Lecturer at the university. With a profound passion for advancing knowledge and solving complex challenges, I have contributed significantly to Climatology, Natural Resources and Disaster Management, Hydrology, Energy and Renewable energy, Rural Infrastructure planning, development and management, and Health and Disease through my academic work and practical consulting experiences. My commitment to excellence, coupled with a diverse skill set encompassing research methodology, project management, and effective pedagogy, has made a substantial impact in academia and beyond.

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Dr. Tingneyuc Sekac

Department of Surveying and Land Studies

Papua New Guinea University of Technology

PMB, Lae 411,

Morobe Province,

Papua New Guinea

Phone: +675 473 4957/+675 79939891

Email: tingneyucsekac@gmail.com


Dr. Tingneyuc Sekac Biography

Upon the completion of my Master’s program in 2017, I embarked on my Ph.D. journey, sponsored by the PNG University of Technology LNSDC scholarship scheme. My Ph.D. studies also included a scholarship for Ph.D. mobility at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, where I successfully concluded my research and earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Geomatics in April 2021.

Continuing my quest for knowledge and expertise, I undertook further training in geodynamics and Geodesy. I also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Student-Centered Teaching and Learning (PGCSCT).

Throughout my academic career, which began in 2015, I have been actively involved in academic teaching and research. Starting as a Technical Officer, I was promoted to Lecturer I, then to Lecturer II and currently now was promoted to Senior Lecturer. Subsequently, I assumed the roles of Research Coordinator, appointed as Research Committee member, Library Committee member, and finally, the Chairman of the Orientation and Registration Working Committee.

My research endeavors have not only broadened my horizons but have also facilitated interaction and communication with international experts, scientists, and researchers across the globe. This journey has been a remarkable and enriching one, taking me to diverse places and realms of knowledge

Area of Specialization:

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Satellite Remote Sensing

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Technology


Spatial Data Science

Terrestrial Surveying

Electric Power Technology

Specific Areas of Research:

Natural Resources and Disaster Monitoring and Management

Climatology (Weather/Climate Change and Impact)


Energy and Renewable Energy

Rural Electrification Infrastructure Development and Planning

Urban and Regional Planning

Health and Disease Analysis

Ecosystem Studies – Wildlife, Forest Cover/Vegetation, etc

In the realms of research and expertise, I have engaged in collaborations with fellow researchers worldwide, undertaking research projects across various regions of Papua New Guinea (PNG). I have traversed nearly every corner of PNG, dedicated to field data collection and analysis, all aimed at contributing to the nation's developmental solutions.

The culmination of our efforts has led to the publication of numerous research projects in peer-reviewed international journals, along with the inclusion of several book chapters. My portfolio boasts a substantial body of work, including 37-plus research manuscripts featured in international and national journals, a notable proportion of which are highly indexed. Additionally, my contributions extend to six book chapters.

Furthermore, the outcomes of our research initiatives have been presented at both national and international conferences, underscoring the reach and impact of our work.

My extensive experience in spearheading research projects and overseeing their implementation has paved the way for successful outcomes. Informed by these prior experiences, I am well-versed in regular communication with project collaborators and adept at formulating pragmatic research plans, adhering to timelines, and managing budgets.

I am Dr. Tingneyuc Sekac, originating from Kangaruo Village in Mape LLG, Finschaffen District, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.

My educational journey commenced at Gagidu Station, Finschaffen District, in the year 1995. Following a decade of primary education at Gagidu Station (my hometown), I was selected to attend Dreger Hafen Technical Secondary School (DTSS).

Upon completion of my lower grades, I embarked on a path that led me to pursue a course in GIS and Remote Sensing at Papua New Guinea University of Technology, following successful performance in my grade 12 exams.

With unwavering determination, I diligently worked to achieve the highest marks in all my assessments during my university years. In 2015, my efforts culminated in the successful attainment of a Bachelor's degree with merit, accompanied by the prestigious Council Medal and a cash prize, recognizing me as the top scholar in my field of study at the PNG University of Technology.

Meeting the criteria set by the University, I was honored to receive the Graduated Assistance Program Scholarship, enabling me to pursue my Master’s degree at the PNG University of Technology. My master's research findings were presented at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand before my graduation.

During my study period, I was selected to partake in a certificate course on Electric Power Technology at North China University of Electric Power in Beijing, China. Upon program completion, I was awarded a certificate in Electric Power Technology.